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Commute Options

Your Commute

Atlanta is the second most congested city in the United states and has the second most expensive commute in the nation.  Atlanta drivers waste an average of 60 hours a year and $1,177 in costs due to traffic congestion, spend 22% of their income on gas and other car related expenses, and waste more than 96 million gallons of fuel while sitting in traffic.

By using an alternative commute option not only do you significantly decrease your commute time and cost, but you also improve our region’s air quality and reduce the traffic on our highways. Visit our Commute Options pages to learn what alternative works best for you and get started today!


Share the ride — it saves money and reduces stress. Get help finding a carpool partner and more resources to help you get started.


Avoid traffic altogether by working from home. Teleworking helps improve productivity! You can even get help making the case to your boss.

Compressed Work Week and Flextime

If you can’t change how you get to work, change when you work.


It can save lots of money and even offer tax benefits. Find or start a vanpool by going here.

Park and Ride Lots

The Atlanta Regional Commission has developed an interactive map of Park and Ride lots in the region. Check it out and leave your car behind!


There are transit providers in major metro areas across the state. We can link you to all of them right here.


Human-powered commuting means better health and no pollution. Get resources here to bike.


Human-powered commuting means better health and no pollution. Get resources here to walk.

Car Sharing

This new transportation option gives you the freedom of having a car on an as-needed basis.