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In today’s competitive times, giving your workforce commute options is an effective and inexpensive way to attract and keep quality employees.  An employee’s commute is perceived as an extension to his or her overall job experience. Transportation costs, traffic congestion and other commuting issues can significantly impact the well-being of your work-force, your business or your tenants. Some of these issues translate into direct, hard-dollar costs, while others present less tangible, but still very real, costs to your business’ bottom line.

Through a variety ofprograms, BATMA can help you implement and promote commute options at your worksite at no cost to you. By increasing the commute options that are available to your employees you create a positive, productive work environment and join the ranks of employers benefiting from their commitment to reducing congestion and improving the air quality for our region.

BATMA can help your organization in the following ways:      

  1. Meet with your organization, research your company’s structure and provide you with an alternative commute option plan that best meets the needs of your organization and your employees.

  2. Provide free consultation with a telework expert on how to develop a telework program or improve a current program.

  3. Provide you with marketing materials to encourage the use of alternative commute options within your organization.
  4. Provide incentive programs for your employees.
  5. Conduct free onsite events; lunch and learns, lunch room displays, lobby displays, etc.
  6. Host free seminars that help you improve your bottom line.