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I am interested in finding out more information about the tax benefits.
Visit the tax benefits page and contact Amy Sturgill at 404-842-2692 or amy@batma.org to set up a meeting to learn more about the tax benefits that are available.

I’m concerned that my employees won’t work if they are teleworking.  How can I rest assure that they are doing their job?
Research has shown that teleworkers are 10-20 percent more productive than their cubicle counterparts.  Contact Amy Sturgill at 404-842-2692 or amy@batma.org to set up a meeting to discuss your telework concerns.

How can I get more employees interested in using a commute alternative?
Promote the use of alternative commute options and available incentive programs on the company intranet, company newsletters, and during new hire orientations. Invite BATMA to host onsite events and lunch and learns.  Offer a pre-tax payroll deduction for transit and vanpooling costs or even subsidize the cost. Offer preferred parking for carpool and vanpools.

What is the Guaranteed Ride Home Program?
One of the best incentives to encourage employees to change the way they get to work is absolutely free to you. Through the Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH), employees who carpool, vanpool, bike and use transit are eligible for a free ride home in the event of an unscheduled event.

What is the average commute time in Atlanta?
The average one-way commute time in Atlanta is 35.9 minutes – Texas Transportation Institute.

What is the average commute distance for employees in metro Atlanta?
The average round-trip commute distance in metro Atlanta is 28.8 miles.